A hearing health care revolution

IntriCon believes in providing an ecosystem of care: self-driven, value-based, best-in-class hearing health. This is built on four fundamental values:

Building Access & Affordability

We take best-in-class hearing aid technology and make it affordable, by cutting out the middleman. Our products are manufactured and shipped to you directly from our own facilities. Finally, high-quality hearing healthcare, from the comfort of your own home.

Self-Diagnosis & Fitting

Our proprietary fitting systems are designed to improve both channel productivity and the quality of first-time fittings. The results are lower prices, greater access, and increased customer satisfaction.

Self-Adjustment & Maintenance

Our advanced technology puts the power back where it belongs - with the user. Easily make remote adjustments to your hearing aids to enhance your listening experience in any setting.

24/7 Remote Support

Hearing aids are essential medical devices - and customers require access to 24/7 support. We're building the infrastructure that users can easily access customer service support, whenever and wherever they need it.

Learn more about our established distribution partners and affiliates that provide high-quality, low-cost hearing health.

Hearing Help Express

Since 1979, Hearing Help Express has provided quality hearing aids by mail, online, and phone to more than 750,000 satisfied customers.

Location: US

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sentibo's goal is to significantly improve the quality of life for their hearing-impaired customers by systematically linking innovative apps and powerful audio hardware.

Location: Germany

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