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As a joint development manufacturer in micromedical technology, we approach medical device programs with an all-in commitment. Specifically, we’re all-in with you and are able to work with you every step of the way from the earliest idea stages to ongoing production, sharing goals and taking risks in order to advance program performance and deliver results. Undaunted by deadlines, we’re here to partner with you to help you get to market on time and on budget with our unique combination of technical capabilities. With our focus on key device platforms, Intricon helps you advance clinical outcomes by always looking ahead with proactive support and resources. We go beyond because we go together.

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Precision Microelectronics

IntriCon uses high-speed SMT pick and place machines to populate flex circuits, printed circuit boards and ceramic substrates. We use the latest in ultra-fine pitch, computer-controlled test equipment offering unrivaled accuracy in meeting your stringent quality standards.

Precision Plastics Molding

IntriCon’s tolerances of ± .0005 inches are in compliance with ASTM and SPI standards. Our development processes include engineering, Pro-E and CAD, rapid prototyping, tool-making and automated assembly.


Many injection- and insert-molded solutions can be enhanced with reel-to-reel assembly techniques. This method orients and packages molded components in a continuous reeled format. Reel-to-reel provides significant labor savings by eliminating the need for handling. In this format, the product can undergo a full range of secondary manufacturing operations such as welding, wire bonding, dispensing, soldering, part numbering, and feeding directly into your automation system.


Let IntriCon guide your automated assembly processes to improve cost, time, and quality. Our experienced engineers engage with customers to create the most efficient automation process, from design services, product assembly, and packaging solutions.

Micro Coils

IntriCon specializes in micro-miniature coils for the medical industry. Our product platform yields standard products as well as specialized applications for your specific needs. We are uniquely positioned to design and manufacture the newest micro-coils required for medical imaging. IntriCon can also leverage its higher-assembly capabilities with medical-product manufacturing in ISO & FDA-regulated manufacturing environments.


Medical Markets


  • Structural Heart surgical
  • ICD/CRT-D systems
  • Pacemaker/CRT-P systems
  • Implantable monitoring
  • Leads
  • Ventricular Assist devices

Drug Delivery

  • IV Systems
  • Disposable delivery systems
  • Implantable delivery systems
  • Medication pumps

Hearing Health

  • Amplifiers
  • Hearing Aids


  • Transmitter
  • Sensors


  • Microfluidics devices
  • Point-of-care testing


  • Medical Coils