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For over 40 years, IntriCon has been a champion and partner to the hearing device industry. We draw on our deep industry knowledge to provide customers with advanced hearing products, ranging from ultra-miniature volume controls and trimmers to custom amplifiers and custom, completed hearing instruments.

Digital Amplifiers

Audion™ 16 & Audion™ 16+

Audion™️ 16 and Audion™️ 16+ are 16-channel WDRC amplifiers with our most advanced adaptive feature set

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Overtus is an 8-Channel WDRC amplifier featuring a completive feature set along with our ACOUS-TAP™ acoustic push button

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Audion™ 8

The Audion 8 is an 8-channel WDRC amplifier featuring voice prompts and an advanced Adaptive feedback cancellation

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Ethos is an 8-channel WDRC amplifier that offers completive features and a robust feedback manager

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Audion™ 6

The Audion 6 is a 6-channel amplifier featuring expansion, Layered noise Reduction, and Adaptive Feedback Cancellation

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Audion™ 4

The Audion 4 is a 4-channel amplifier featuring expansion, Layered Noise Reduction, and Adaptive Feedback Cancellation

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Spin™ NR

The Spin NR is a 2-channel amplifier with Layered Noise Reduction and Adaptive Feedback Cancellation

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Essential® 150

The Essential 150 is an entry level amplifier serving a wide range of applications

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Supporting Documents

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Hearing Devices

Lumen® 155

The Lumen® 155 is the newest BTE hearing device model, offering wireless BLE 4.1 connectivity and the top features users want. Its sleek new styling makes it comfortable and inconspicuous.

Lumen® 150 i2

The Lumen® 150 i2 is a BTE hearing device designed to meet a wide range of market needs. It is available in multiple colors, power levels, and product configurations.

Lumen® 200B

The Lumen® 200 B is a BTE programmable hearing device that offers users wireless BLE 4.0 connectivity with programmable option and volume control.


The APT-D is an adaptive hearing device. It features an improved patent-pending mechanical design with a changeable D-ring retention system that easily converts for wear on either ear.


The iRIC Receiver-in-Canal BTE hearing device is designed to give wearers a more open, unobstructed feel. It is available in mini, standard and directional versions.


This miniature digital BTE hearing device complements wearers' active lifestyles, and is ideal for mild to moderate hearing loss. With its sleek design and miniature size, this programmable hearing system is a valuable addition to any product line.


The UNI™ is a standard ITE hearing device with a proven system to meet all stock canal needs.


Companion Microphone

The Companion Microphone is an optional accessory for IntriCon's Lumen 155 hearing device, used to help listen to speech and other audio signals.