TM-01 and TM-02 Throat Microphones


Superb speech intelligibility

IntriCon Throat Microphone TM-01

Throat Microphones TM-01 and TM-02

Employing years of experience in microphones and material science, these Throat Microphones have been engineered to provide superb speech intelligibility even in high background noise environment.

Special attention has been given to ensure a comfortable wear over long durations. The adjustable strap provides a good fit for various neck sizes. The transducer housing connector band is also adjustable to set the desired inter-housing spacing. Additionally, it is ergonomically designed to avoid the thyroid notch, otherwise known as the "Adam's Apple". Cable is steel reinforced to to provide high strength with minimum size & weight. TM-02 is provided with a heavier cable for more rugged applications.

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