Lavalier Microphone 5200


Give a great speech.

Lavalier Microphone 5200

A subminiature microphone capsule with over-molded plastic housing and cable for convenient mounting on lapel or tie for communications, public address, music recording, etc., this microphone features a flat, extended frequency response suitable for reproduction of voice or musical instruments.

A 1.5 metre long black shielded cable of 2.5mm diameter is provided in the basic configuration. This cable includes two wires plus a spiral wound shield, which are soldered to the microphone capsule. A composite steel retainer plus molded elastic strain relief provide a very rugged miniature package.

Noise transmission from handling and clothing movement is very low. Model 5200 is wide band omni-directional. Internal RFI suppression is included.


  • • Flexible Boom Arm
  • • High-Quality Easy-Maintenance Headband
  • • Great Acoustic Performance
  • • Included Sweat Drip Ring
  • • Available in Black or Beige

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