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Earworn Microphone IM-02

The IM-02 headset is extremely lightweight and comfortable, and stays in place no matter how vigorous the movements. With the miniature microphone capsule and low profile frame, it is totally unobtrusive, and in most cases is almost unnoticeable.

The flexible boom enables the user to position the microphone for optimum sound and gain before feedback. A perspiration “drip” ring on the boom ensures the microphone capsule stays dry at all times. The cable runs neatly behind the neck for maximum concealment.

The IM-02 exhibits an extended frequency response and an omni-directional polar pattern for outstanding clarity and natural sound with no proximity build-up. With its sleek and low profile design, coupled with professional audio quality, this unit is excellent for stage presentations, theatre and broadcast studio operations.


  • • Flexible Boom Arm
  • • High-Quality Easy-Maintenance Headband
  • • Great Acoustic Performance
  • • Included Sweat Drip Ring
  • • Available in Black or Beige

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