Physical activity demands high performance.

Headset: SH-09

The SH-09 is a “ruggedized” active headset for two-way radio communications for industrial, police, community service and warehouse applications.
An adjustable boom mic permits precise placement near the lips and stays in place during physical activity.

Fitted with a high-quality microphone, it allows the user to communicate even in high noise environments and still transmits an intelligible message across to the recipient. The low profile headband (behind the head) fits under most helmets, allowing the user to enjoy head protection while wearing a communication headset.

The loudspeaker is capable of producing very high and clear output and the earpiece is ergonomically designed to provide a very good and comfortable fit over the ear, preventing wearer fatigue.


  • Flexible Boom Arm
  • High-Quality Easy-Maintenance Headband
  • Great Acoustic Performance
  • Included Sweat Drip Ring
  • Available in Black or Beige

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