Built to take on the most demanding environments.

Headset: AF-03

The AF-03 is both lightweight and comfortable. Its waterproof microphone provides advanced clarity and noise cancellation performance for the most demanding headset applications, even in very cold temperatures.

Much consideration has been put into the physical design of the AF-03. The flexible boom arm enables the user to position the microphone for optimum voice pickup. Cable runs neatly to the front where it can be conveniently connected to a radio, PDA or any other communication device. The headband is highly resistant to corrosion and is easy to clean. With our special windscreen retention feature, there is no fear of accidentally losing the windscreen.

Option for single sided or dual sided speakers is available.


  • • Superb Noise Cancelling microphone performance for accurate voice capture
  • • Waterproof Microphone
  • • Microphone head design comes with effective windscreen retention feature
  • • Suitable for use in extreme cold conditions
  • • Single or Dual sided speaker version available

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