The Lumen 150 i2 is a BTE hearing aid aimed to meet a wide range of market needs. Available in multiple colors, power levels, and product configurations, it is the ideal hearing aid for consumers.


Standard amplifier choices of Spin NR, Audion 4, Audion 6, Audion 8, and
Audion 16 offer these available features:

  • High performance adaptive feedback canceller
  • Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC)
  • Impulse Sound Suppression
  • Programmable Volume Control (VC) Range

Configurable with Thin-tube and Standard Earhook couplings

Omni or directional microphone options

Rear microphone moisture protection barrier to reduce  perspiration failures

High-fashioned painted housing with smooth rocker switch

  • Color Options: Beige, Bronze, Brown, Light Gray, Metallic Black, and Silver

Product Details


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