Amazingly small.
    Unbelievably comfortable.

Introducing the improved APT™D Open ITC from IntriCon. The APT™D is powered by the Overtus™ which features our Reliant CLEAR™ adaptive feedback canceller and an improved AcousTAP™ acoustic push button.

This elegant design is so small it does not occlude the ear canal and the replaceable wax guard system enhances the robust mechanical design.The improved patent-pending D-ring retention system allows for the unit to be easily converted to either a left or a right device.

These unique features create stable, effective amplification, occlusion-free comfort and easy integration to your fitting system — making the APT™D Open ITC a new leader in the Open ITC market.

See the Overtus page for information about the amplifier used in the APT.

Product features: 

Improved Patent-Pending Mechanical Design

  • Patent-pending changeable D-ring retention features
  • High-tech robust design
  • Very small size to reduce occlusion
  • Industry-proven wax guard system

Reliant™ Clear Adaptive Feedback Canceller

  • Our 5th generation of industry-leading AFC technology
  • Specialized design for open ITC and CIC applications — more added stable gain and faster reaction time for these applications
  • If feedback oscillation does occur, the oscillation amplitude is limited

ACOUS-TAP™ Acoustic Push Button

  • Switch changes programs when user pats their ear and not the hearing aid
  • Eliminates the physical push button, saving size and cost
  • Patent-pending design

Improved Layered Noise Reduction™

  • Our Layered Noise Reduction technology continues to be a state-of-the-art solution to reduction of environmental noise
  • Twelve noise reduction bands
  • A more aggressive 17dB attenuation setting available for extreme noise situations
  • Extended frequency range of action to 7750 Hz. — more useful for open fittings

Eight-channel Wide-Dynamic-Range Compression with Dynamic Contrast Detection™

  • Three adaptive time-constant modes to optimize WDRC performance in critical environments
  • Compression ratio and threshold adjustable independently in each channel
  • MPO output compression limiting is also adjustable independently in each channel

Event Data Logging

  • Elapsed-time clock will record the time the amplifier has been operating since it was made
  • Events are recorded and ‘time stamped’
  • User events: Power-on events, VC change, Program change, Low Battery events
  • All events will be logged in a buffer available to the fitting system
  • Fitting system can present the data to help the dispenser understand usage patterns

Digital Random Noise Generator for Tinnitus Therapy

  • Digital generation of random noise gives a clean noise sound for masking use
  • Noise is injected at the input, so it can be shaped by the existing EQ gain adjusters
  • Can be used in mixed-mode applications: one program for masking, and another program for hearing aid use

Improved Audiometric Tone Generator

  • For in-situ fitting validation

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