Powerful features. 

Spin™ NR

Spin™ NR is a two-channel, multi-application digital amplifier with trimmer control capability. This amplifier provides powerful features at an economical cost, making it ideal for a wide range of cost-sensitive hearing-aid applications. Spin™ NR also features 12-band gain adjustment, allowing for excellent target matching capability.  Powerful Dynamic Contrast Detection™2-channel compression with three-mode adaptive time constraints optimizes AGC performance in critical environments. 

This amplifier is ideal for both programmable and trimmer-controlled hearing aids, and is excellent as an analog replacement and as a convenient way to consolidate your hearing aid product line. Spin™ NR’s Layered Noise Reduction™includes a syllabic layer, which reduces noise that is embedded in speech, an environment layer which slowly reduces environmental noise in the absence of speech, and a quick recovery layer that gives noise reduction with fast recovery for speech onset.  All layers are responsive to a wide range of noise intensities, and the addition of programmable selection allows the wearer to maximize both comfort and speech quality.  

IntriCon’s Advanced Adaptive Feedback Cancellation allows for 17-22 dB of added stable gain depending on the application, creates 15 dB more fitting range than our previous generation AFC, and offers superior handling of tonal sounds. Unlike conventional adaptive notch filters, Advanced AFC will not reduce gain. 

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