With more computations per second than ever

IntriCon’s Ethos® continues its lead in high performance with Reliant™ Adaptive Feedback Cancellation, 8-channel WDRC, and 12-channel Layered Noise Reduction™.  Ethos also includes Data Logging and a digital noise generator for tinnitus applications.


Reliant Adaptive Feedback Cancelling 

  • Our 3rd generation of industry-leading AFC technology
  • Faster adapting speed means less squeaking even when things move around the ear
  • More Added Stable Gain

Improved Layered Noise Reduction

  • Twelve noise reduction bands. 
  • A more aggressive 17 dB cut setting available for extreme noise situations
  • Extended frequency range of action to 7750 Hz. - more useful for open fittings
  • Soft-squelch reduces low-level noise, including microphone noise

Eight-channel Wide-Dynamic-Range Compression with Dynamic Contrast Detection™

  • Three-mode adaptive time constants to optimize WDRC performance in critical environments 
  • Compression ratio and threshold adjustable independently in each channel
  • MPO output compression limiting is also adjustable independently in each channel

Adaptive Directional Microphone Processing

  • Automatically switches from Omni to Directional when environment changes  
  • Eliminates extra 'directional' user program and need for user activation 

Event Data Logging

  • Elapsed-time clock will record the time the amplifier has been operating since it was made.
  • Events are recorded and ‘time stamped’ 
  • All events will be logged in a buffer available to the fitting system

Digital Random Noise Generator for Tinnitus Therapy

  • Digital generation of random noise gives a clean noise sound for masking use
  • Noise is injected at the input, so it can be shaped by the existing EQ gain adjusters
  • Can be used in mixed-mode applications: one program for masking, and another program for hearing aid use

Digital Volume Control Compatible 

  • Two-pin Digital Volume Control port
  • Start-up VC position is programmable
  • Use pushbutton switches or a digital rotary control
  • Analog VC Mode also available

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