Our low-cost amplifier

Suitable for a wide range of applications, the Essential® 150 amplifier is the right choice to exceed your most challenging product and consolidation needs. This two-channel amplifier features the flexibility of both trimmer control and programmability. In addition, the flexibility of the 12-band gain adjustment allows for precise target matching.

The Essential 150 is another high-quality innovation from IntriCon designed specifically to be the perfect low-cost amplifier for your most cost-sensitive products.


Suitable for a Wide Range of Applications

  • Cost-sensitive digital programmable hearing aids
  • Trimmer-controlled hearing aids — Analog replacement
  • Product line consolidation

Powerful Dynamic Contrast Detection™ 2-channel Compression

  • Three-mode adaptive time constants to optimize AGC performance in critical environments

12-Band Gain Adjustment

  • Excellent target matching capability

Trimmer Control Capability

  • Factory-programmable setup for controlling TK, Low-cut, High-cut, and MPO
  • Use 100kohm linear-taper trimmers for any function
  • Use 1-3 trimmer as needed

Programmable VC Range

  • Customize VC performance at design, manufacturing or fitting time

Program Switch Tones

  • Adjustable frequency and loudness

Mic Telecoil Input Summing Mode Low Battery Warning

  • Adjustable frequency and loudness

Low-level Expansion

Automatic Telecoil & MTO Switch Compatible

Product Details

Software and Support


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