The Audion™ 8 amplifier offers Digital Random Noise Generator for Tinnitus Therapy that can be used in mixed-mode applications: for masking and for hearing aid usage. The Audion 8 allows for digital generation of random noise to give a clean noise sound for masking use.


Voice Indicators

• Voice prompts available for Start up Program, Active Program, Min and Max VC Position and Low Battery warning
• Standard version is in English only

Reliant™ Adaptive Feedback Cancelling

• Our 3rd generation of industry-leading AFC technology
• Faster adapting speed means less squeaking even when things move around the ear
• More Added Stable Gain

Improved Layered Noise Reduction™

• Our Layered Noise Reduction technology continues to be a state-of-the-art solution to reduction of environmental noise.
    • Twelve noise reduction bands
    • A more aggressive 17 dB cut setting available for extreme noise situations
    • Extended frequency range of action to 7750 Hz. - more useful for open fittings
    • Soft-squelch reduces low-level noise, including microphone noise

Eight-channel Wide-Dynamic-Range Compression (WDRC)
with Dynamic Contrast Detection™

• Three-mode adaptive time constants to optimize WDRC performance in critical environments
• Compression ratio and threshold adjustable independently in each channel
• MPO output compression limiting is also adjustable independently in each channel

Adaptive Directional Microphone Processing

• Automatically switches from Omni to Directional when environment changes
• Eliminates extra ‘directional’ user program and need for user activation

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