Audion™ 6

Audion™ 6

A Powerful Way
To Set Your Gain

The Audion™ 6 amplifier is a  6-channel amplifier with expansion. It has six independent controls for compression ratio, compression threshold, expansion threshold, MPO (Maximum Power Output), and compression time constants. It includes new paradigm of controlling it's gain settings that we call the High-Low gain paradigm. This mode replaces the compression ratio control with two gain controls for a efficient and comprehensible way to adjust the low gain and high gain separately. The classic way of adjusting compression is still available in the Audion 6.


Six-channel Wide-Dynamic-Range Compression with Dynamic Contrast Detection™

  • Three-mode adaptive time constants to optimize WDRC performance in critical environments

Patented Adaptive Feedback Cancelling

  • Our proven AFC offers high added stable gain and effective anti-entrainment performance

Layered Noise Reduction™

  • Our Layered Noise Reduction technology continues to be a state-of-the-art solution to reduction of environmental noise
  • 10 noise reduction bands
  • 3 levels of NR aggressiveness, plus an off setting
  • Also acts as a soft squelch to reduce low-level noise, including microphone noise

Two compression adjustment paradigms

  • IntriCon standard adjustments of low-level gain and compression ratio, or
  • Direct adjustment of low level gain and high level gain
  • Simplifies the integration into fitting systems using either adjustment paradigm

Adaptive Directional Microphone Processing

  • Automatically switches from Omni to Directional when environment changes
  • Eliminates extra "directional" user program and need for user activation 


  • Gain reduction for low-level sounds

Output Limiting

  • 6-channel output limiting (MPO) with adjustable thresholds in each channel and adjustable time constants

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