Audion™ 4

Audion™ 4

A Powerful Way
To Set Your Gain

The Audion™ 4 amplifier is a 4-channel amplifier with expansion. It has 4 independent controls for compression ratio, compression threshold, expansion threshold, MPO (Maximum Power Output), and compression time constants. It includes the classic way of adjusting compression.


Four-channel Wide-Dynamic-Range Compression with Dynamic Contrast Detection™

  • Three-mode adaptive time constants to optimize WDRC performance in critical environments

Patented Adaptive Feedback Cancelling

  • Our proven AFC offers high added stable gain and effective anti-entrainment performance

Layered Noise Reduction™

  • Our Layered Noise Reduction technology continues to be a state-of-the-art solution to reduction of environmental noise
  • 10 noise reduction bands
  • 3 levels of NR aggressiveness, plus an off setting
  • Also acts as a soft squelch to reduce low-level noise, including microphone noise


  • Gain reduction for low-level sounds

Output Limiting

  • Wide band output limiting (MPO) with adjustable thresholds.

Digital Volume Control Compatible

  • Two-pin Digital Volume Control port
  • Start-up VC position is programmable
  • Use up/down PB switches, rocker or a digital rotary control.
  • Multi-function Rocker Switch support allows VC and Program change with one user control.
  • Analog VC Mode also available

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