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Audion™ 16

The Audion™ 16 offers a 16-channel Wide Dynamic Range Compression with Dynamic Contrast Detection™ technology, improved feedback manager, and customizable voice prompts. It includes technology that eliminates the need for a physical push button on the hearing aid that will reduce size and cost. >>More information

Audion™ 8

The Audion™ 8 amplifier offers Digital Random Noise Generator for Tinnitus Therapy that can be used in mixed-mode applications: for masking and for hearing aid usage. The Audion 8 allows for digital generation of random noise to give a clean noise sound for masking use. >>More information

Audion™ 6

The Audion™ 6 amplifier is a 6-channel amplifier with expansion. It has 6 independent controls for compression ratio, compression threshold, expansion threshold, MPO (Maximum Power Output), and compression time constants.  >>More information


The Essential™ 150 amplifier is the right choice to exceed your most challenging product and consolidation needs. This two-channel amplifier features the flexibility of both trimmer control and programmability. In addition, the flexibility of the 12-band gain adjustment allows for precise target matching.  >>More information


IntriCon’s Ethos™ continues its lead in high performance with Reliant™ Adaptive Feedback Cancellation, 8-channel WDRC, and 12-channel Layered Noise Reduction™.  Ethos also includes Data Logging and a digital noise generator for tinnitus applications.  >>More information


The Overtus™ is a high performance 8-channel digital amplifier.It features our Reliant™ CLEAR feedback manager and the highly innovative Acous-TAP™ acoustic push button. These unique features make the Overtus the perfect choice to address the emerging open ITC marketplace.  >>More Information

Spin™ NR

Spin™ NR is a two-channel, multi-application digital amplifier with trimmer control capability. This amplifier provides powerful features at an economical cost, making it ideal for a wide range of cost-sensitive hearing-aid applications.  >>More information

Note: Information for DigitalONE™ 2 CT, DigitalONE™ NR, InTune™, Scenic™, and Spin™
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